Create the Landscape of your Dreams

Kimko Gardens is highly committed to providing an excellent lawn, landscaping, irrigation installations and hard scape service to ensure that guaranteed satisfaction of our customer. Let us make your outdoor dreams come true!

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Professional Garden Design & Implementation

Kimko will advise on how to make the best of a garden and the existing plants, moving or treating any plants that have problems.

Create the Landscape of your Dreams

Kimko Gardens`s primary goal is to create extraordinary landscapes perfectly suited for you and your family’s needs that will last for a very long time. Their gardens and landscapes are designed to increase your quality of life and your property value, and their designs are a perfect balance of inspiration, meticulousness and passion for beauty well done.

Garden Design, Landscape Implementation

The quality of our service… the speed at which we are able to deliver … our access to the most advanced technology and products… and our competitive price satisfy the needs of our clients

Creative Thinking

Garden Design and Landscaping is very hard work and very challenging. The industry constantly changes and people’s needs differ, but Eti’s love for problem solving and creating environments specifically created for the individual makes this exciting and fun! It’s a great accomplishment to assist a client and the outcome was exactly what they envisioned.

What she does is different, positive and always well received. She’s also confidant in her designs and will give advice on being practical and use her years experience to lead clueless clients to create something spectacular together. She’s a good listener and will always strive to please her clients but also give the best advice on what will work best in the different gardens of clients and to compliment the aesthetics of the property and environment involved.

Kimko Gardens their family business of the past 10 years stands for being progressive, pioneering, innovation, adventure, rebellion and opportunist! Eti feels blessed to provide unparalleled services and design alongside her husband every day. Recently they expanded the business by introducing Easigrass – a new product to provide a variety of different needs entering the evolving industry daily. This is an environmental water wise solution to revolutionize the landscaping industry in South – Africa.


Eti Buys born Marieta Georgieva Kamburova was born in 1978 in Russe, a small town North of Bulgaria. After primary school Eti attended a technical collage for 5 years witch is similar to High School in South – Africa. There her major subject was Garden Design and Landscaping. Eti received her Bachelor Degree of Ecology Science from the Agriculture University Plovdiv Bulgaria.

Eti’s immediate family still resides in Bulgaria and visit them as often as possible with her husband Kobus whom she’s been married to for 12 years, their daughter Kiara-Mari and son PJ. Eti and Kobus met in Cambridge England while both worked on a Strawberry farm in 2001.

They spent another 2 years in London and in 2003 decided to settle down get married and start a family in South – Africa. Her love for the arts, music, science and nature is clearly visible in her appearance and energetic personality.

Landscaping and Garden design was an obvious career path for Eti. Advice she will treasure forever and use in her daily life driving her was the very wise words of her late father. “I think it is wonderful that you are giving back to Mother Earth!

Always keep on creating beautiful spaces making people happy,” says Eti. As a young girl Eti had an instinctive affiliation with nature, plants and the beautiful spaces the earth create and provide us. She knew that this was what she was born to do.

Kimko Gardens Believe….

When it comes to providing theses services to you, our credo is simple.

  • creating beautiful landscapes is an art form.
  • in a meaningful relationship with our clients
  • relationship based on trust, honesty, integrity and open communication.
  • in education and professional development.
  • that constructive criticism will help us improve.
  • that if we love our work, we are more productive.
  • we can only be successful in being a lifelong learner.
  • in paying our employees well.
  • in no secrecy – all of our fees and pricing are transparent.



“We have the best job in the world!” says Eti. Kimko Gardens is highly committed to providing an excellent lawn, landscaping, irrigation installations and hardscape service to ensure guaranteed satisfaction of their customers.

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Our Happy Clients


I am so thankful for what you have achieved with my garden design and with execution of that, that was merely ideas and dreams. What impressed me immediately, during the first meeting, is the fact that you got me within the first five minutes.

Your sense of style, intensive labour and wonderful commitment, made me feel at ease. At times I did question the process, as I wanted building and gardening to happen at the same time. Really dumb ? You made me calm and explained challenges and solutions every time I saw you. And you met EVERY SINGLE deadline. Commendable to say the least.

I cannot wait for the garden to just pop in Summer. Going to be even more amazing.

Thank you for everything. I will not hesitate you to anyone needing the best garden design, layout, and tangible project in the end. Thank you for also working cost effectively. “

I am so excited and so happy that l have found you. You are knowlegable about plants, soil etc, artistic and have a love of plants.  I am lucky that you are going to do my garden


Morning.   Thank you for the revamp of my entire garden.

It is such a pleasure to get home and enjoy it.

You and your team are the best.

Please stay in touch, xx


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